Mosaic Collection

Mosaic are like pictures obtained by sticking small and colored pieces’ side by side. Generally, these pieces are composed of materials like glass, colored stone and tiles. Hence they were made in ancient times, today there are also mosaic stones prepared just for this purpose. Mosaic stones are composed of two separate parts. First one is the structure of the stone, the other one is glaze which makes it shiny and durable. Despite this some mosaics could not survive long. The reason for fraying out is, they were adhesively bonded, when the adhesive ramps down, those pieces fall off.

Mosaic stones are generally manufactured by firing kaolinite and clay at high temperature and adding a layer of siliceous glaze. By lining up and gluing these colored particles side by side, you will have the mosaic pictures. Two methods were used for this process, one of them is to place each piece one by one with adhesive on the wall or floor, this method is very laborious and difficult but more artistic. So it is called “mosaic craftsmanship” In the second method, mosaic stones are first arranged and glued on a cardboard or thick paper from reverse, and glued as block to its place. Then drenched paper or cardboard is peeled from mosaic surface. This practical method is commonly used in construction work.

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