Category: Marble
Country of Origin: Turkey
Area of Usage: Indoors
Places of Usage: Stairways / Flooring / Finishing
Dimensions : Slab / Special Sizes
Thickness: 2 cm
Surface Finishing: Polished / Honed

Density (gr/cm3): 2,65
Specific Gravity (gr/cm3): 2354
Crushing Resistance: 11 Mpa
Flexural Resistance (KgF/cm2): 780,54
Degree of Porosity(%): 0,01

If you want to have a spacious and elegant outlook, Moon Cream is for you. Its color is inspired from moon, it should be prefered for interiors.İt has a tender structure, It should be prevented from harsh weather conditions, it can easily be deformed in extreme heat or cold. As long as attention is paid to these, it has a prolonged and trouble-free use. You can purchase Moon Cream in special sized slab form with 2cm thickness, it is commonly used for flooring, you can also use it in staircases, but utmost attention should be paid during application and usage.

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