Category: Marble
Country of Origin: Turkey
Area of Usage: Indoors & Outdoors
Places of Usage: Public Bath / Staircase / Flooring / Sill handrail / Facades
Dimensions : Slab / Este / 30*60 / 60*60
Thickness: 2 cm
Surface Finishing: Polished / Grinded / Honed

Density (gr/cm3): 2,74
Specific Gravity (gr/cm3): 2300
Crushing Resistance: 1019 Mpa
Flexural Resistance (KgF/cm2): 141
Degree of Porosity(%): 0,2

Besides being a domestic product, Marmara has a infrangible and durable structure, we often see it in historical structures. Most common place is Classic Turkish Baths. Marmara marble can be chosen to achieve a historic Ottoman look. Marmara can be used in every area without hesitation. It is sold in slab forms or in special sizes (30*60 – 60*60)

Also different thickness formats (1,2cm-2cm-3cm) are available due to chosen surfaces. It is suitable for selection, all can be used as a follow up of each other due to its  texture and color structure. Polishing, honing and brushing can be applied on its surface. In addition for being a premium quality stone, Marmara is impeccable for indoor and outdoor purposes for many years.

Example Applications

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