Category: Marble
Country of Origin: Turkey
Area of Usage: Indoors & Outdoors
Places of Usage: Staircase / Flooring
Dimensions : : Slab / 30*60/60*60 / Special Sizes
Thickness: 2 cm / 3 cm
Surface Finishing: Polished / Brushed / Honed

Density (gr/cm3): 2,65
Specific Gravity (gr/cm3): 2354
Crushing Resistance: 11 Mpa
Flexural Resistance (KgF/cm2): 780,54
Degree of Porosity(%): 1,13

You can easily choose this travertine type of stone both for indoor and outdoor purposes. It has a variable color and texture format. It is generally preferred for special projects. It can be purchased in slab form or in special sizes like 30*60cm and 60*60cm.

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