Giresun Mink

Category: Granite
Country of Origin: Turkey
Areas of Usage: Indoors / Outdoors
Places of Usage: Staircase / Flooring Cladding / Windowsills / Facade
Dimensions: Slab / 30*60 / 60*60 / Special sizes
Thickness: 1,2 cm / 2 cm / 3 cm
Surface Finishing: Polished / Brushed / Honed

Density (gr/cm3): 2,738
Specific Gravity (gr/cm3):
Crushing Resistance: 190,12 Mpa
Flexural Resistance (KgF/cm2): 145
Degree of Porosity(%): 0,05

Giresun Mink is the finest quality granite harvested in Turkey. Its highly durable, premium and gray shading properties are highlighting this granite. It has polished and honed surface finishing options. You can easily use this granite in every application with its 2cm and 3cm thickness options.

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