Category: Granite
Country of Origin: Norway
Areas of Usage: Indoors / Outdoors
Places of Usage: Staircase / Flooring Cladding / Windowsills / Kitchen Countertops
Dimensions: Slab / 30*60 / 60*60 / Special sizes
Thickness: 2 cm
Surface Finishing: Polished

Density (gr/cm3): 2,69
Specific Gravity (gr/cm3): 7100
Crushing Resistance: 11-13 Mpa
Flexural Resistance (KgF/cm2): 
Degree of Porosity(%): 0,12

Emerald Pearl is a Norway originated, very special and high quality granite. The mussel fossils tapped in will enthuse you with light from right angle. It is frequently preferred for kitchen countertop. If you want to have a stylish and elegant look in flooring and cladding applications, Emerald Pearl will sure fullfill your requirements with its durable and smooth structure. You can use this granite in every application and every size, because of its steady and durable structure.

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